Apps can be both fun and very useful in everyday life. One good example of an app that can be very convenient and comes in hand is the flashlight app. You never know when you’ll need a steady and fresh beam of light: trying to get small things that rolled under the bed, looking for your blouse in the dark corner of your closet or maybe walking in a dark area at night. Instead of carrying an extra tool that will just weigh down your pockets, you can easily install a flashlight app that can perform all the lightening tasks.

The advantages of having a flashlight app come from the fact that they bring all functionality in one single place and provide a centralized user experience. Despite all the controversy that has been surrounding the flashlight apps, there are apps that are user friendly and will only do you good. There are many different flashlight apps. Most of them have very simplistic features and are very easy to use. They are meant to do the most basic thing – use the phone’s flashlight. They offer adjustable strobe light and instant-on feature. They can be very small and that way they won’t bloat your device’s memory.

If you are looking for more than just a flashlight there are apps that offer you features such as blinking lights, fun police lights simulator, strobe light function, Morse code etc. They can turn your device screen into a flashlight of various colors, sizes, shapes and patterns. Many of the flashlight apps also monitor your battery life by having a built-in functionality and recognizing when the phone has gone into the pocket and therefore turning the flashlight off in order to save battery and time. Flashlight can stay on even after you have locked the screen. Some of them use both the screen and LED flashlight to light up your way. They utilize both your home screen and LED flash to produce a flashlight.

If you are worried about flashlight apps invading your privacy, you shouldn’t be. There are apps that require the bare minimum permissions necessary and tout the need for privacy as much as a company can.