We are a team of four developers that are creating mostly gaming apps for both platforms iOS and Android. We created the team as we were young in college days back in 2013 and until now we are still working really hard to make the best possible apps for users worldwide.

Our goal has always been quality over quantity and the main thing we’ve always focused is user satisfaction. We are proud to say that all the apps we made are free and will always be free for everyone who download them. As the years pass, our quality is getting better and better and we really hope that we can start huge projects soon that will change our and customers life.

This page is “about us” but it isn’t all “about us”. We surely would not succeed without every user who downloaded our apps and therefore we like to thank you for all your support. Your support means a lot to us. It makes us proud and it motivates us to build better apps in a nearby future. Thank you!