Practical and popular apps can be very convenient and fun, until you realize that some of them may carry malicious software known as malware that can reveal your personal information to hackers. A survey conducted by a security firm revealed that 75 and 80% percent of the top free apps on Android phones or iPhones were breached. No matter if those apps were used by advertisers to target you or even worse-by hackers to rip you off, being aware of this fact  you will definitely think twice before downloading a certain app.


As it turns out, even some flashlight apps asked for a huge amount of data when downloading them, starting from your calendar and even your phone’s location engine to your camera, even though these apps should require only a limited set of permissions that refer to let’s say, use of the device’s camera which is necessary when using it’s flash to providing a light. Developers of those apps are often asking for far too much information from a user’s device just so they can collect information and send them to marketers and ad network. It’s a just reminder  that when it comes to certain app developers nothing comes for free, meaning if you can download  their app without paying a cent for it, their business model might involve selling your data. Actions were taken against some of these developers, in most cases because their privacy policy didn’t disclose to the users that their app transmits or allows the transmission of the device’s data which includes for example geolocation and device identifiers. The developers defended themselves that they displayed information on what their apps were doing in such a way that is noticeable enough for the average user.



Privacy policy advocates are very much concerned with the level of access that companies have to people’s phones. They argue that no one expects from an app to access our contacts, text messages or location, but the truth is that many of them do that. This has become so common because more and more apps are being designed in way that they invade people’s privacy even when it’s completely unnecessary to do that. People need to be far more aware about how to protect their phones and the data in it.

The good news is that not all of the flashlight apps will steal data and do you more harm than good. Our flashlight app is as simplistic and as transparent as it gets when it comes to the data it collects, who has access to it and how it is being used. We have designed it in a way that we understand and respect user’s privacy so you can use it without worrying that someone is stealing your data, tracking you or accessing your contacts, texts, location, where you go to work, the places you like etc. It’s a user friendly flashlight app that will come in hand many times and you won’t have to worry that there is “privacy-invader” or “stealing-data” background to it.