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If you are the type of person who’s always losing your keys, misplaces things, or wakes up at night to go to the restroom, only to stub your toe on the bed, our free flashlight app is just what you’ve been looking for! It’s available for both iOS users as well as for Android devices, so whether you’re on a Samsung Galaxy or the latest iPhone 7, it is compatible with your device. With so many flashlight apps available, why choose ours, and how is it superior to other products you can download onto your smartphone? Here are some of the reasons to give our app a try, versus the products other companies have available for download.

Yes, It’s Free!

You can download our flashlight app free of charge; and, it is ad free, which is something most people, if not everyone, is going to love. You don’t have to deal with those pesky pop-up ads, simply to use the app. Simply download it onto your smartphone, and you are ready to go. No more guesswork, trying to figure out how to use the app, or dealing with Flash and other downloads, in order to use one simple app.


SOS Light Fast Functions Really Easy to Use

An SOS light. So if you are in a tough or compromising situation or get caught up in an emergency where you can’t see, it is right there to get you out of a jam.

Awesome Compass Always Accurate Easy to Use

A compass device. If you need guidance or need a point in the right direction, the app can help.
– It is easy to turn off and on. No guesswork, no trying to figure out which buttons to press. It is simple, easy in design, and simple to download for anyone, regardless of age, or your experience with smart-devices.

Forever Free Constant Updates fast

No payments, pop-ups, or requests for credit cards. Have you ever downloaded an app, only to try it for a few days and receive a message asking for your credit card? This is not the case with our app. It is truly free!

Who Can Use It?

Whether you simply need a little more light to read your book at night when your spouse is asleep in bed, or need a night light for guidance to the kitchen or restroom, this is the best app you can download onto your smart device, for use virtually anywhere.

It is available for everyone –
Again, there are no restrictions on the usability of our flashlight app. It can be downloaded onto your iPhone (any model and series), and you can download it onto your Android devices as well. So regardless of the model, or how old or new your phone may be, the app is compatible with nearly any device you want to download it onto. And, download speed is going to take virtually no time at all. Simply choose the app based on the OS your phone runs on, click the download link, and you are ready to go.

Anyone can use it –
If you have an older parent, or someone who is not too “in tune” with smart devices, apps, or downloading new apps onto their phone, there is no need to worry when it comes to trying out our free flashlight app. It is extremely simple to download, regardless of your experience or expertise in using devices like a smartphone. And, there is no learning curve or guesswork required once you download it onto your phone. Once downloaded, simply click on the flashlight app icon, and it will turn on, and is ready for you to use. No questions, no complicated instructions, and an app which is truly useful for anyone, regardless of the dark or difficult situation you find yourself in.

For those who love having an app for everything, but don’t want something to complicated, or an app which is going to take up too much space on your smartphone, our flashlight app is it! Download it today and see how easy it is to use. Simply click on the download link, and regardless of whether you are on iOS or your Android device, it is available free of charge, and ad free, for all users to download.


Best flashlight app i’ve used so far. Love it!

Hayley S. Benefield
Hayley S. Benefield